Covid 19! It is a sentence all on its own and it appears to raise more questions than it does answers.

So, where do you begin to write an opinion piece on a virus that has changed every aspect of our lives? How do you keep your thoughts in line, when each day you find yourself faltering somewhere between hope and despair?



I am no scientist and where it started, where it came from and how it works – I will leave that to the experts (although there seems to be an awful lot of experts, with an awful lot of differing opinions). But what I do know is that at this exact time in our lives, this virus has given us a unique opportunity to just simply STOP.

Time is one of those things that really is a gift. None of us are promised time and no one can guarantee how much time we have, so if it has taken a world stopping virus to give us a moment in time, we should all grab it by the reigns and try to control its path before it is lost forever. 

When I was younger, I remember sitting at my Grandmother’s home watching her string beans.  To this day that one memory fills me with a sense of serenity. I was sitting with a woman who I absolutely adored, doing something so simple and yet this one task was going be served to our family for our weekly Sunday roast – a chance to be together and be family. Whilst this memory may just be a snippet in time, I can’t help feeling that sense of family, of belonging, has found its way back into our current, Covid-filled lives.

We can only move forward as community by looking deep into our past, because the truth is that our lives are never going return to the normality we had all gotten used to and that so many are longing for, in fact nothing could be worse than returning to that normality. We have been given a glimpse into a much more innocent and somewhat nicer world. Communities have come together to support their elders; neighbours have introduced themselves to each other (albeit over a fence); families have spent an abundance of quality time together and as a result have found a strength that had been lost in the past day to day madness that was our lives;  people are joining in mass singing from their balconies to inspire each other; our superheroes are no longer celebrities or sports people, but our nurses, our doctors, our emergency service operators, our supermarket workers, our truck drivers.  We have re-discovered the meaning of kindness and patience; we have found new ways to be creative and cope with isolation; we have planted gardens, we have baked bread; we have taken time for ourselves and found a new beauty in nature.

Now I am not here to tell you that after this we should all live in some rainbows and unicorn filled utopia, but do we want to go back to the way things were? Isn’t there a life we had all dreamed of,  that now seems close enough to touch? Isn’t it time that we all re-evaluated our work/home relationship and maybe switched the balances? Isn’t it time we stopped concentrating on globalisation and concentrated on our own country, our own resources?

There are so many questions that are yet to be answered, but we have one thing on our side at the moment…..time.  And I am so glad to have this time. That might sound strange considering our family is currently down one wage, but I believe the world needed to have the reset button pushed and we all needed to take this time.

Whatever the future is soon to reveal, this much I know to be true; when this is over, our lives will look very different. From our losses, and there will many, there will be long lasting scars, but my hope is that we will rebuild a stronger, healthier, more caring, more forgiving society for ourselves and for our future generations.

But for now, in this small moment in time, I am enjoying the simple things in life that I had forgotten existed.

Whether we will remember this as  the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time we’ve got.